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31 January 2014

Review The Opposite of Wild (Park Series#1) by Kylie Gilmore

The Opposite of Wild
Book One Clover Park Series

By: Kylie Gilmore
Released Jan 16th, 2014


Unleash the wild woman…?

Ex-cop Ryan O'Hare takes one look at buttoned-up control freak Liz Garner and just itches to loosen the woman up. Not that he’s into her. Because a woman like that comes with way too many expectations. Not to mention, she practically works for him, and he didn’t hire Liz to watch after his beloved Harley-stealing Gran so he could turn Liz loose in his bed. Still, there’s something about her, a hidden wild side, that makes him wonder what it would take.

Liz must be crazy to work for the insensitive, arrogant, horribly…hot man she's avoided for years. Unfortunately, she needs the money and Ryan's grandmother needs a keeper. (Midnight tango lessons and ziplines with Gran, anyone?) Ryan's rare smile and swaggering confidence have Liz torn between throwing her favorite pinot grigio at his head or throwing herself at him. Can this control freak find a way to let loose with the tough, no-strings guy who once broke her heart?


So... I tried to think how to start this review, but even if we have Ryan in the first scene, what I really liked in the first place and made me extremely curious was Ryan's Grandma, she's a 'little' old, but don't let her hear you  saying it, she'll kill you! I'm joking, people! Ryan's Gran or Maggie is a really interesting character- seriously she was like the cherry on top of the wedding cake, but let's not going there ... yet!
The story presents Ryan, ex-cop, now private investigator who works for rich woman and cheating husbands, well not exactly  for the cheating spouses, but you got my drift, so on day he's receiving an call from his brother, Travis about Gran and how she was stealing his beloved Harvey and now, because life's a bitch, she's implicated in an accident,but after the other accident (yes, yes, another one), an accident that changed her life and the manner she's living it. Now, she wants to live and be happy, but her happiness is not like her grandson imagine it. Now, he needs someone to look after his beloved Gran, someone like...

....Liz- she's 'uptight',  a control freak, a good girl, a buttoned-up kind of woman, with dreams of a loving husband, children and living the' happily ever after'. Well, Ryan is not a boyfriend material and of course, he doesn't want to be a husband or a father- but in his defense, he has his personal demons to battle, issues about his father- and Liz knows that, well almost all that. Let's not forget this little fact about how he needs a keeper for his Gran.

What I loved the most about this series is the humor that appears in every context, like how his Gran wants to buy a motorcycle, or his Gran's marriage with the dance instructor, or the ' Daisy Problem'- a little problem that involves a baby and the paternity of said baby. And let's not forget about Ryan's brothers, Travis (it reminds me of Travis in the 'Beautiful' series by Jamie McGuire) and Shane, brother that could not be more different because while Trav is a trouble maker boy, Shane is your cute next door boy, and Ryan is the responsible one, with a wild side tight contained. A wild side that responds to Liz's uptight one.

So... begins a mating game, that no one, Liz or Ryan, accepts to lose and Liz find the perfect solution- a no-string attached kind of affair, with no obligations from the parts and Ryan is more then fine with this compromise, but little by little the situation gets serious and one little incident puts the couple face to face with one big dilemma- to continue this affair or give up?


Liz- beautiful, even if she doesn't admit it, uptight, smart and a control freak is one of the story tellers in this book and also Ryan's love interest. Because of her nature she loves control , more so because of her irresponsible, but endearing sister, Daisy and because of her insecurities as a teen. She needs to obtain a large payment because of her sister and to be Ryan's Gran keeper seems the perfect solution- it really isn't if we keep in mind their history and her little teen crush.

Ryan- responsible, no non-sense  kind of guy, not a boyfriend material and ex-cop is the other story teller and also Liz's crush. A very jealous guy if you know his weakness and Liz is his weakness, even if he doesn't want to admit it . He had trouble growing up because of the suicide of his mother an his problems with his father and because of that he's overprotective with his little brothers and his old grandma, and partly he's right to be this way...

Maggie, Ryan's Gran, Shane, Trav, Daisy, Rachel , Jorge and all the others I'll let you find more about them reading the book because it's worth every cent- it has humor, drama, love, friendship and is a really beautiful story about family and the sacrifices this notion implies it.

Final Verdict- Read it because you won't regret it. Personally, I can't wait to read Trav's story- the bad boy, because I held hope that him and Daisy will be together and even if not, well I would love it because it's his history. And Shane's story, well something tells me that the heroine will find a way to loosen him up.

Happy Reading!

 Rating: 6/5

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Author Info
Kylie Gilmore was lucky enough to discover romance novels at a young age as they were strewn all over the house (thanks, Mom!). She writes quirky, tender romance with a solid dose of humor. Her first book in the Clover Park series, The Opposite of Wild, will launch in January 2014 featuring the oldest of three brothers and his lady love. The next two books in the series give each brother his dream girl (eventually).
Kylie lives in New York with her family, two cats, and a nutso dog. When she's not writing, wrangling kids, or dutifully taking notes at writing conferences, you can find her flexing her muscles all the way to the high cabinet for her secret chocolate stash.

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Ryan just stood there, his sharp eyes studying her. "You're a puzzle, Liz."
"I am?"
He reached out and smoothed a lock of hair behind her ear, and her heart caught in her throat at the gentle gesture. "You seem so…uptight," he said. She stiffened and took a step back. "But I know you were checking me out when I was mowing."
She flushed, but rallied quickly. "I was only bringing you water." She crossed her arms and said primly, "You surprised me when you dumped the water on your head. I was merely looking to see if you were going to do any other…surprising things."
His lips twitched. "You're like a librarian just waiting to let loose."
"Is that supposed to be a compliment?" she bristled, hands on her hips.
"There it is." He smiled and stepped close, crowding her space. She drew in a quick breath, but held her ground. "The puzzle—fire and ice."
She put both hands on his solid chest and pushed him out the door. "Next time, mail the check." She shut the door in his face, turned and leaned against it. "Urgh!"

"That's what I'm talking about," he said through the door.
She ripped open the door. "Go away."
His head cocked to the side while he bit back a smile. "Is that any way to talk to your employer?"
"Gah!" She slammed the door and locked it. She heard his low laugh as he walked away.

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