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08 July 2014

Book Blitz: The Naughty Nine Boxed Set

Book & Author Details:

The Naughty Nine Boxed Set
Publication date: July 8th 2014
Genres: Adult, Romance

The Naughty Nine — Where Danger and Passion Collides

Included in this box set collection:
* Stop in the Name of Love by New York Times Best Selling author Nina Bruhns
* Deathblow by New York Times Best Selling author Dana Marton
* A Girl, A Guy And A Ghost by Patricia Mason
* Everything He Never Wanted by Mary Leo
* Red Rock Rises by Taylor Lee
* Dirty Little Secrets by New York Times Best Selling author Julie Leto
* Sex is Murder by Rita Heron
* Saved by Lorhainne Eckhart
* Snowbound by USA Today Best Selling author Karen Fenech
* Secret Identity by New York Times Best Selling author Jill Sanders



Stop in the Name of Love by Nina Bruhns

When an undercover cop must cozy up to a suspect’s pretty neighbor, things don’t go as smoothly—or seductively—as he’d hoped when she tells him she hates cops and wants nothing to do with him or his damn assignment.

“Lord, you’re good on your feet,” she said with a grin, catching her breath.

He chuckled. “And on my knees, and lying down...” He hardly recognized his own voice, it had suddenly turned so deep and suggestive.

She froze on the dance floor, and a deep blush started at the apples of her cheeks and spread outward. Mesmerized, his gaze dipped and followed the rosy stain as it fanned across the exposed swell of her breasts.

He met her eyes and slowly raised her hand to his lips. “My God, you’re beautiful,” he murmured as she melted into his arms.

The next dance was slow and romantic, and the woman he held was warm and soft. He wrapped himself around her and surrendered to the moment, drowning in the feel of her silky body under his hands, her curves pressing enticingly into him, surrounded by the intoxicating scent of strawberries and desire.

He wanted more.

Damn, he wanted her.

He knew he was treading on dangerous ground. He’d never been drawn to a woman like her before. He knew she’d want more from him than just hot sex. A lot more.

And for the first time ever, he was suddenly afraid he might want to give it to her—to try a normal relationship with a real woman, not a quick fling with some superficial chick who was only attracted to his badge or his overrated charm.

No, Mary Alice was different. She was genuine and honest and pure. Her quiet grace and innate goodness reminded him a lot of his mama. That alone should scare the hell out of him.

Not to mention the fact that Mary Alice hated cops with a passion.

How ironic was that?

Hell, no, it would never work. Everything was stacked against them. Bridge had no business toying with her, for both their sakes.

But dammit, he was only a man.

And the loneliness in his soul called out to him.

Once, just once in his life, he’d like to touch a woman who turned his hard, harsh world to wonderfully tender mush, and eased the aching in his heart.

When the song ended, he whispered in her ear, “It’s getting late. Shall we go?”

The only question was...did he dare?

Red Rock Rises (The Red Rock Series, Book 1) by Taylor Lee

A fiery former undercover agent, as tough as she is beautiful , fiercely independent, she is the Rock. Few see the vulnerable woman beneath. No one messes with Red Rock until she meets the handsome Police Chief. 

In the meantime he focused on the rest of her. Tall and slender, her body was as extraordinary as her face. She was all woman. Curved where she should be curved, and, Dameon noted appreciatively, some of those curves were downright monumental. Her dress was a work of art. Its deceptively simple design made the most of her amazing body. A shimmering drape of sea green fabric hugged her voluptuous frame. Cut low across her breasts, it made no secret of the treasures beneath. The hem of the dress hovered six inches above her knees revealing toned, gasp-worthy legs that refused to quit. Her strappy high-heeled stilettos added more alluring inches.

But it was her fiery red hair that had Dameon’s dick straining at his trousers. That in itself was noteworthy, as he’d been so caught up in his divorce he hadn’t responded to a woman for a long time. And I was worried about my dick, he thought with a disparaging snort. No question it had risen emphatically from the dead, thanks to the redhead. Her long thick hair was piled up on top of her head, secured by a four-inch silver clip. Errant curls escaped hanging tantalizingly around her face and neck. Dameon’s breath hitched at the thought of removing the clip and freeing that fiery mass.

As captivating as her appearance was, her demeanor was even more interesting. Although she affected an insouciant casualness, through his practiced eyes Dameon saw her wariness. She was edgy, uneasy, perhaps even afraid. She glanced frequently at the door and then back at her watch. She looked his way and briefly met his eyes but quickly averted her gaze. Hmm, was she anxious? Or maybe shy? A woman who looked like she did? It was an intriguing thought.


Jesse glanced at her watch, trying to appear nonchalant. Damn. Where was Raoul? She hated standing here by herself. Could she look any more out of place? She groaned silently. Bad enough that she looked like a hooker. Obviously that’s why all these men were ogling her. She kept them at bay with her well-honed brush off but she could handle only so many at a time. For God’s sake, had these yokels never seen a redheaded woman in a tight green dress whose boobs were about to pop out? God, why did she choosethis dress? It looked tame on the hanger but added to her shoes and with a little make-up, tame was not the word to describe her.

A better question was why she’d agreed to come to this damn party where she didn’t know a soul. And one of the two people in the whole town that she did know should have been here fifteen minutes ago. For the sixth time, Jesse reminded herself. ‘You came, girl, because if you can pull off this gig, you will make $10,000.’ Sweet! Raoul hadn’t batted an eye at her price. She chortled, the closest thing to a smile since she arrived. Guess a handsome Hispanic Club Owner with questionable ties to the Mexican mafia had different financial standards than most. Good. Now if her tardy client would just arrive, maybe she wouldn’t feel quite as out of place. Hell, her new profession might actually be fun.

That thought fled when she caught a glimpse of the brown-skinned man across the room. Damn, who was he? Gorgeous didn’t begin to describe him. His light brown coloring and features spoke to a mix of heritages. Latino? Maybe African-American with some Asian thrown in? His high cheekbones and chiseled jaw indicated there might be American Indian blood in the mix. His eyes were an aberration. A piece of the puzzle that didn’t fit. How the hell could a warm-skinned Adonis have cobalt blue eyes that gleamed from ten feet away?

His lazy stance didn’t hide his commanding presence. He had ex-military stamped all over him. Jesse stopped taking inventory when she caught his gaze. He was studying her through narrowed eyes. She groaned and quickly looked away. Damn, another bad boy. She attracted them like ticks on a hunting dog. His quirky grin said he knew what she looked like without her clothes. Of course. Her damnable body. That’s all any of them saw.

Jesse stiffened when she saw him approaching. His casual stride belied the power radiating off of him. Drawing her protective cloak around herself, Jesse assumed an indifferent pose. Her heart thudded so hard in her chest she was sure he would hear it. Refusing to be intimidated, she raised her chin and met him with a glare. It was a look designed to repel the most intrepid would-be suitors. The easy grin on his handsome face confirmed he wasn’t impressed or intimidated by her fierce glare

Dirty Little Secrets by Julie Leto

Marisela's sexy ex lures her into a treacherous underworld of arms dealers, hit men & sinister double-crosses. Has she descended into hell or finally found kick-ass heaven? It’s the perfect setup to break her heart. Again.

Saved by Lorhainne Eckhart
Growing up I had dreams that one day I'd fall in love, marry & start a family. Then one night I was taken. I survived, escaped, I was saved. Eric didn't see me as damaged. He didn't see my baby as a monster. He protected me, kept me safe ... he saved me.

Everything He Never Wanted by Mary Leo
Billionaire, Antonio Milani, came to London to recover what is his: a rare, signed copy of Oliver Twist. Instead, finds himself falling for the woman he suspects is involved in an international ring of book thieves.

A Girl, A Guy and A Ghost by Patricia Mason

A sexy psychic private eye could help her find a ghost... or turn her into one.

Deathblow by Dana Marton

Former small-town football hero turned cop, Joe Kessler never met a linebacker, perp, or a woman he couldn't handle. Then a troubled single mom walks into his life, & the only place this hot jock will ever see 'easy' again is in the dictionary.

One Night to Kill (Seven Nights, Book 1) by Rita Herron

A military man must use his leave to play bodyguard to the General’s sexy daughter!

Snowbound (The Protector Series, Book 2) by Karen Fenech

FBI Agent Mallory Burke, injured and on the run for her life, is stranded in a snowstorm with a reclusive and secretive cop she's not sure she can trust but is falling in love with.

BONUS Novella: Secret Identity by Jill Sanders

Carter always had a thing for his best friend Eve. He hired her to boost his business & it’s never run more smoothly. When an opening presents itself, he takes a chance at happiness that could end up destroying their friendship.

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