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05 March 2014

Review: Allegra Jackson (Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes #1) by: Amelia Benjamin

                    Review: Allegra Jackson (Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes)

                                                    By: Amelia Benjamin

 Released June 1st, 2013



Allegra Jackson is living high. She’s a successful head hunter for a London modelling agency and at the top of her game in all respects. Now, with the help of her sidekick Oliver, she’s joined the Los Angeles branch of Valentina Blackheart Models to show them how it’s done. Allegra has a queen-sized appetite for sex, champagne and more sex, and she has no trouble getting what she wants, even though her desires can land her in hot water. LA itself is a bit of a cultural shock, but Allegra enters new foreign territory when she falls hard for all-American bachelor and real estate mogul Christian Beaumont. Life becomes even more confusing when her friend and employer Valentina Blackheart—Allegra’s fifty-something, supremely well preserved double—makes a startling proposition. Will Allegra accept Valentina’s offer for the sake of financial security, even if it means abandoning her wild lifestyle?


 In the start of this novel we meet Allegra Jackson, who works as a head-hunter for the Valentina Blackheart Models for the last six years and she loves her job. And let's face it... who wouldn't?
All the glamour and  money, and party, because someone in her position has easy acces to such things. But it's also a world of terrible people and fake, fake accent, fake men...

But she loves it even with all its faults and she tries to be the best in everything she does, and she likes to impress other bussiness people to use her models for covers or to check the models for any signs of cellulites or problems with their skin...

She has a very active life, professional speaking, but also her private life is wild and full of action, because someone with her power can participate in the most debauchery parties ever seen by the human kind, well maybe I exagerate a little, but she can have all the fun she wants without the prejudice and judgement of the other people...

Allegra has also on her side the help of her fabulous gay assistant, Oliver, who is at her beck and call and helps her with everything she needs...

Really, it's a very funny story and for the most part we see her adventures and the life she's leading, because even though we can't feel, touch, smell and kiss like her -her words, not mine, we can't see her struggle to do her job and her moments of fun with the other men.

The moment of the synopsis came much later in the story, but that's alright because in all this time we hear her story and we came to understand her more, to understand her good parts but also her defaults.

On her background, I can tell you that she has attended a drag-queen party where she meets Walter Berkley, a socialite american who was a head-hunter for the VB Models ( Valentina Blackheart) at that time and he sugested to try to find a job at this industry... and that's how Allegra Jackson was born.

All this is fun and perfect for her until one night when she and her friend, Walter are at a restaurant and meets Sebastian Beaumont from Beaumont Realtors who helps her see another side of our world, a more simplier, but very beautiful in the same time, side.

But how can be together when her world is so different of his?

And more importantly what will she do now that she has received an amazing opportunity from her boss, Valentina Backheart, who I must say has a complicated daughter-mother relationship with her own lesbian daughter. Ironically, it's not her daughter sexuallity that's  a issue for Valentina. Oh, no! It's the fact that her daugther hates all that has the minimal connection with looks, because that reminds her of her mother and that tends to bring back all the issues with her mother divorce from her father. But that's alright, because Walter is the gay son she never had and always wanted so she can be a mother for him and for Allegra. But she has a plan that we'll rock Allegra's world.


I won't lie, I found Allegra a little shallow on the start of this novel and I didn't changed my mind until Sebastian has became her lover, but until that moment, all it seemed fake and shallow, even though I did enjoy her adventures and her humor, but I was mad on her because of her decision about Valentina's offer.

Sebastian-is a noble and very beautiful man, on the outside but more importantly on the inside. And in the end of the book, I was mad on Allegra about her cold behaviour with Sebastian. He didn't deserve this. Heck! He even came from miles away to convince her that they could have a chance, but in the same time I did understood her decision, because it wasn't fair to bound a man like him with her when they couldn't have a chance....

Final Decision- a story with humor and drama, but more humor, that offers us, readers, an insight in the life of Allegra Jackson, an insight in the life of all the glamorous people with more money than they could now what to do...

 My rating : 4/5 butterflies!

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Amelia Benjamin loves shopping and many things fashion related, as well as good music, decent people, wonderful friends, and loving family. Allegra Jackson is her first novel. You can find Amelia online at

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