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26 January 2013

Interview with Katherine Easer

Sarah Weaver wasn't looking forward to starting at an all-girls school. But that was before she met Maddy. Maddy and her best friend, Agnes, are fun and rich and interesting-and for some reason, they seem to really like Sarah. Before long, Maddy and Agnes have moved Sarah into a big house off campus, where they cook together, buy each other presents, and share each other's secrets. So why does Sarah feel like something's bizarrely wrong? As more and more cracks start to show in Maddy's and Agnes's perfect veneers, Sarah notices some strange and disturbing things: Maddy's compulsive lying, Agnes's obsession with Maddy, and the deterioration of their friendship. And just when Sarah begins to question her own sanity, things turns deadly. Fans of Pretty Little Liars will devour this juicy debut novel.

1) How and why have you started to write? Were there something or someone that gave you an impulse?

Books, more than anything, inspired me to write.  As a child I was obsessed with stories, and I would read whatever I could get my hands on.  I was amazed by how stories could transport me to other worlds, move and entertain me, teach me about life.  Fiction seemed like the perfect art form, and I couldn’t wait to start writing my own.

2) Tell me something about your book Vicious Little Darlings.

Vicious Little Darlings is about a jaded seventeen-year-old named Sarah Weaver who leaves California to attend an all-women’s college in Massachusetts.  At her new school Sarah becomes intrigued with Maddy and Agnes, a mysterious pair of legacy students who have been best friends since birth.  Soon, the trio move into a big house off campus, where they bond and share secrets.  But some secrets are better left unsaid.  Especially secrets that could lead to murder.

3) While youre writing, have you discovered a character that you where developing feelings of love for? And was there a character that gave you headaches?

When I’m writing, I have to love- or at least accept - all my characters, flaws and all.  Agnes surprised me in many ways; I grew to like her more and more.  Maddy, on the other hand, gave me migraines.  She was an enigma.  Even now, I’m not sure I’ve completely figured her out.

4) How have you done your research for this novel?

Mostly I used my imagination, but I did do some research on personality disorders.

5) Is there a book that inspired your writings?

Probably every book I’d ever read before I began writing Vicious Little Darlings inspired me in some way.

6) In the end, would you like say some words to your fans from Romania?

Thanks so much for having me here today.  I enjoyed these questions, and I hope you like the book.  Happy reading, everyone!  :)

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