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21 September 2014

Review: Rhett (Rhett #1) by J.S. Cooper

Rhett (Rhett #1) by J.S. Cooper 

I’m Rhett.
I’m cocky because I can be. I’ve got it all: the looks, the money, the endurance. I’m the guy that every girl wants to be with, yet none of them have ever been able to tie me down.
I don’t do love. I don’t do relationships. And I sure as hell will never do marriage.
I’m all about the fast life and everything that entails. There’s a different woman in my bed every week. My friends are jealous of me. My enemies envy me. Everyone wants my life. And everything in my life is absolutely perfect.

Until the day she told me she was moving away. She’s my best friend. She was my first kiss in grade school. We share everything with each other. We never dated because I don’t love her. I don’t care that she’s moving. I don’t care that she’s moving for a guy. I don’t care because I don’t love her. I don’t do love.

I’m Rhett and I don’t let anything get me down. Then one night changed everything and everything I thought I knew was called into question.
All of a sudden, being Rhett didn’t mean so much anymore.

My thoughts (Roxana): 

Rhett is jerk. Plain and simple, but fortunately for him I love jerks, and Clemmie loves them too, or more exactly... she loves Rhett, but their story is not a fairytale and it's not simple. Rhett and Clemmie have been best friends since childhood, and even though she has been there for him, even though he was not the gentleman tipe. Oh, he has his moments when you'll fall in love with him, but in the start of this story he's conceited, infuriating and really imature. You just want to shake him, maibe even throw something at him or at least tell him some special words that my mother should not find out ever. Seriously, he thinks he's God's gift to woman kind and he treats them poorly in his misogynistics ways, and even more disturbing is the fact women loves him the way he is, without knowing his real person...

I''l be the first one to admit that he's frankly with them: "I'm not made for love." 

But still it's disturbing to know that some women like this exists out there. I'm not a feminist or anything like that but I would'n let him treat me that way. Neither would Clemmie, that's way she's made up her mind to see the world, to find out how are other guys aka dating because she doesn't want to die as a virgin. That's the moment when everything changes. When Rhett starts to realize that he's losing his best friend, he starts to see her in a new light. But thats not surprising since those two have deeper connection than most people have...

Even though Rhett is determined to make Clemmie his, that's not easy to obtain despite their connection, because Rhett hasn't been what you would call the boy next door, he hasn't been even your regular Joe... more so he doesn't know how to be a normal person and in his journey towards maturity, he makes mistakes and keeps secrets, more like just a big secret but one that could ruinate his chances wich Clemmie forever...

What could I say about Clemmie, besides that she's our hero's love interest, well she's a sweet girl, that accepts Rhett the way he is, even her family makes him a part of them. But Clemmie can't let Rhett be the center of her life, besides she wants to discover the world, to make a difference with her life and the first step is dating. But then she's swept away by Rhett and his charm. 

What I really liked about her is the fact that she remains a tough girl and will give him hell before accepting as a lover...

The story is said from Rhett's perspective, but don't fret guys, because he's not going to go easy on him so we will still judge and condemn him for his terrible ways, but also for his sweet and protective side toward Clemmie. 

Final Decision: It's a story about learning to change. Some people just want to change their world and explore it throughly. Other people want to change their friends status. And there are other people who want to change themselves in order to become someone worthy of loving. That's the most difficile change because to become a good person we will make mistakes along the way.

Rating: 5/5

About the Author:

J. S. Cooper is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She is a true romantic that is in love with love. The J. S. stands for Jaimie Suzi. She just thought J. S. sounded cooler! J. S. was born in London, England and moved to the States at age 17. She studied history in college and then went to law school and then decided to follow her writing dreams. J. S. writes ‘New Adult’ contemporary romance books because that is what she also loves to read.

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