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13 June 2013

Interview with Jessica Therrien

1) How and why did you begin writing? Was there something or someone that inspired you?

I began writing for myself. I was looking for another book to suck me in the way Twilight and The Hunger Games did. I couldn’t find anything I liked as much so I started writing. Next thing you know, I’m writing a series and it’s being published!

2) Tell me something about your book Uprising.

Uprising is the second book in my Children of the Gods series. It follows Elyse as she moves forward to fulfill a prophecy that she will free her people from oppression. Her people call themselves Descendants. They live long lives, have supernatural abilities, and were once mistaken for gods in ancient Greece. Now they are ready to join human society once again. “The Descendants have waited long enough for freedom.”

3) While you were writing, did you discover a character that you where developing feelings of love for? And was there a character that gave you headaches?

Aside from the obvious (Elyse and William) there always seems to be a character that nags me into loving them. In book one it was Kara. In Uprising there were a few. Some of my favorites to write were Mac, Alex, and Luther. My biggest headache was surprisingly William. I can’t tell you why without spoiling what happens, but his character gets a little more complex later in the book.

4) How did you do your research for this novel?

Most of my research is done through Google. Since I’m writing fiction, I don’t have to worry too much about whether or not what I use is fact. I get ideas from reading about the different Greek gods and goddesses. It’s a lot of fun.

5) Is there a book that inspired your writing?

Of course! My writing is always inspired by the favorite YA books out there that touch us all. Uprising in particular is inspired a lot by The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

6) In the end, would you like say something to your fans from Romania?

I have been SO unbelievably surprised by the amount of support I continue to receive from my Romanian fans. I must get at least an email a day from someone in Romania. I’m so grateful and amazed. THANK YOU!!

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