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29 March 2014

Blog Tour: Review: Sway with Me by: Shelly Bell

Sway with Me
By: Shelly Bell

When ex-millionaire Ryan Sullivan learns he and a sexy stranger inherited a mansion with the condition they must first live in it together for three months, he doesn’t see the downside. In ninety days, they’ll sell the house and walk-away millionaires. He didn’t count on falling for the ethereal woman he’s forced to live with and vowed not to touch. Brought up by an eccentric mother who believes she and her daughters are Muses possessing the magic to inspire creativity in the right men, Portia Dubrovsky never gave credence to her mother’s delusions—until Portia meets Ryan the morning after dreaming of him. Craving the permanent home she’s never had, she’s determined to find a way to buy Ryan’s share of the house—one way or another.
As the walls of the luxurious mansion crumble around them, they can’t deny the electricity they share as they dance to the music which only they can hear. But when the music stops playing, will they sell the home and go their separate ways or have they have built a sturdy enough foundation to last a lifetime?

A beautiful story that's the first words that comes in my mind when I think of Ryan and Portia's story. More so is sweet, and somehow, when I think about this story, I think  the title: 'Sway with me'... like 'Let go of your problems,  to your worst parts of your life and let the music take a hold of you...

You know that times when your life seems to be a constant circle of trouble and you can't find a positive fact in all your misery and then... pow... you have on your desk (or kindle) a sweet story, but it seems to only make your misery grow because the story's character have a better life than you have, and so to remind you... again... that life sucks?

Yep- that's how I was thinking those latest days when I had my book's copy and all my thoughts were concentrating on the worst aspects of my life, but then you start reading this story and the laughter comes naturally, all of the sudden life seems more easy and, certainly, less complicated then theirs and you realize that even though, the problems of your life can make your existence miserable, you'll always find your way through tin and that. You just have to stop and let it go...

But let's talk about the story... Ryan Sullivan is an ex-millionaire who had problems in the latest years because he's broke... you may ask yourself if his parents, his family is also broke. The answer will be no- his family, more exactly his parents are full of money and their life is perfect, so no, it is just him the only family member that doesn't have a cent in his pocket, but that is  because of his stupidity when it comes to women. So, when his Uncle dies and he answers to George, his uncle's attorney, he thinks that his friend Braden was pranking him. Once that he realized the layer meant business, Ryan didn't know what he did to deserve an inheritance, but he accept it anyway,because he wants with desperation to escape his financial problems  and be again in the good grace of his parents.

But here comes the catch... in the form of the attractive brunette that he meets in the elevator of his uncle's attorney. She's beautiful, smart and funny and he is attracted to her like a moth to a flame, and somehow it seems that she's too attracted to him, so he broke his cardinal rule and has asked her out only to be meet with reticence, at least for a moment, but that's more than enough because, in this time George makes his presence known and invites them both - a surprise that neither of them expected- to his office...

This is how their lives changes in just a second and  they become tangled in this game his uncle put them, but you must ask yourself how is Portia implicated in, her role in this whole thing... well we don't find out until the end of the story when everything is revealed, secrets are put on the table and everything becomes clear. So... I can't tell you about their secrets, but I can reveal that Portia' s role has a strange affair with her name and her destiny, because this story has a little fantasy thrown in for good measures and dedicated to all you fantasy lovers... for me it was, at least...

But, how I already said this is the moment when everything changes, and now both of them has different plans for that house they received- plans that neither of them are willing to give up-, and so they become 'almost' enemies' until they will complete the conditions in the Will, or they will lose everything because this contract has a dead-hand control clause so they have to stay together in this amazing and very expenses house, that neither of them can afford to loose. Obviously they are still attracted to each other, but they have to maintain distance and control the situation, otherwise they will loose their advantage  and with that their money...

One of my favorite aspects was that we can laugh so much while reading the story because it is a romantic comedy, but we also have dramatic facts with characters that are so much defined that you can help yourself and feel their emotions, like that time when we find out why Ryan has an almost iced heart and the motive that conduced to his financial ruin or the happy end, obviously that this story has a happy end, and how all the situation resolved without the heroes facing an ugly situation...


Ryan- he is a kindred spirit underneath  all his icy demeanor, but he has been broken so many times by the people he loves that determined him to keep distance from the people for whom he might feel something so he treats every attractive female like a shoe- used and then disposed to garbage, by him or his best friend... anyway they don't stick around after they find out about his financial situation.

So.. when this opportunity presents itself he would do anything to have again his money and the privilege and respect for his position in society, but Portia isn't ready to sell the house and split the money. Then how can he convince her to go on aboard with his plan? Seducing her, of course...

But, even though I didn't like very much this calculating Ryan, in the final chapters he redeems himself and we see a new side of him, a side  hidden for such a long time...

 Portia- she never give credence to her mother's beliefs that she's a Muse- so she has to inspire the man that will be her husband to create and be someone very important-, but she has motives that supports her arguments like how their fathers- of both her and Portia's sister, Viola- has left her mother without a single look to their baby daughters, or how absurd her comments must sound so she doesn't give credence to those beliefs until she finds this beautiful mansion, who has already appeared in her dreams... literally!
 I really liked Portia's characters because even though she's attracted by Ryan's charms, she doesn't give up so easily to his desire and even after they sleep together she still wants to keep this mansion, because somehow she knows that this is her destiny.

Final Verdict- I strongly recommend this story to all the fans of Kylie Gilmore, Qwen Salsbury,Jennifer Probst, Eliza King and  Rachel Wide, because you'll laugh so hard and be happy so much you can practically see how your life's problems starts to fade in the background...

My rating. 4,5/5

Happy reading!

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Author Info

A sucker for a happy ending, Shelly Bell writes sensual romance often with a bit of kink and action-filled erotic thrillers with high-emotional stakes for her alpha heroes and kiss-ass heroines.
She began writing upon the insistence of her husband who dragged her to the store and bought her a laptop. When she’s not working her day job, taking care of her family, or writing, you’ll find her reading the latest smutty romance.
She currently writes for Avon Red Impulse, Loose Id, and Soul Mate Publishing.

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