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04 March 2013

Interview with Sadie Grubor + Giveaway!

AIDAN IVERSON III, old money wealthy and blatant playboy, has never felt the need to be with one woman. Why, when he has the looks, money and a family name to rule the nightlife? And, when it thoroughly aggravates Grandfather?

LILLIAN SNOWE, do-it-yourself overachiever, has a plan to keep her father healthy and living in the home where he raised her. But, how can she, when the hospital bills are piling up, the bank wants their money and she is hundreds of miles away from home?

From the moment they meet, Aidan would have to be blind not to feel an attraction, especially with Lilli's work attire and feisty humor.

When illness, death, debt and a mutual friend, bring these two together, feelings are hurt and someone is insulted. It takes determination, sneaky actions and cockiness to secure the deal. But, even with an iron clad marriage agreement and pre-nup in place, there are those who would seek to destroy the spark threatening to engulf our couple in a happily ever after.

So, Save the Date, because you are cordially invited to the seduction of Lilli Snowe.


Thank you Ms. Grubor for the opportunity of having you on my blog today and for letting me to organize this giveaway! 

1) How and why have you started to write?  Were there something or someone that gave you an impulse?

As a kid, I used to write short stories and poetry, but as I got older it fell away into being an avid reader. The only writing I did was in a personal journal.  Then one day I read some books and something in me switched back on.
The more I read, the more I wanted to rewrite certain books to the way I thought they should go.  This led me into fanfiction, which was a major fun and exciting path to be on. But real life threw me a curve ball and I had to stop writing to take care of myself.
Eventually, my husband pushed me to start writing again.  He could see my struggle with keeping my ideas inside or just jotted down in a journal, but not fleshed out.  So, I got active in some online writing sites – TextNovel, Fictionwise, and Authonomy.  From there, it just blossomed into this journey that I never thought I would be on.

2) Tell me something about your book Save the Date.

A lot of people see this as your everyday marriage of convenience story.  But I like to play with common prose and try to mix them up a bit.  Save the Date, which is book one in The Modern Arrangements Trilogy, introduces you to Aidan and Lilli.  They are an unlikely pair whose circumstances lead them into a marriage of convenience.  However, I feel, as with most of my books, you can't really stick me into one genre.  Where Save the Date is a contemporary romance with humor and sexual tension, book two – Here Comes the Bride – takes you deeper into a contemporary romance with erotic scenes and the same humor as the first book. The more you read, the more you find small twists in the plot.
The Modern Arrangements Trilogy is my own funny, erotic, romantic, and twisted take on how crazy a marriage of convenience could be, and how twisted some people can be.

3)  While you're writing, have you discovered a character that you where developing feelings of love for? And was there a character that gave you headaches?

This is going to sound cliché, but I love all my characters.  Even the bad guys have a special place in my heart.  Often there is that one character that I will get so emotionally involved it's almost like I feel what they do.  This was very true with Christopher from by Rock Star Romance novel Falling Stars.  His past and emotions were so raw that it was almost exhausting to write his scenes.
As for headaches, at one time or another, they have all provided a headache. Whether its two characters fighting to speak or a new character shoving current ones aside so their story can be told.  It's pretty loud, crazy, and messy inside my head.  J

 4)  How have you done your research for this novel?

The internet is a fantastic tool.  You can find almost anything online.  Most of my research is done through internet searches or reaching out to people through social media and/or forums. People are an AMAZING resource to tap into.  You just have to ask them.

 5)  Is there a book that inspired your writings?

I find myself inspired almost every time I read an amazing book. For example, I've been reading a lot of motorcycle type alpha men romances/erotica.  So, now I find myself thinking about how would I write something in this area of romance.  Some of these will fully develop, others won't.  I have quite a few journals of character and story ideas. A few will make it into a book one day, others will never get there.

 6)  In the end, would you like say some words to your fans from Romania?
Just the fact that I may have fans in Romania humbles me!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for reading and taking the journey with my characters.  Even if you didn't love one or all of my books, I appreciate you taking the chance on a little author like myself.
And if you ever see me online – Facebook and/or Goodreads, make sure to say hello.  I love to interact with readers whenever I can.

A special Thank You to Simona (still loving this name sweetie) for contacting me and honoring me by requesting an interview.
This giveaway it's INTERNATIONAL!

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  1. the one book i really love is harry potter and the sorcerer's stone


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