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31 December 2014

The Lilith Scroll by B. L. Marsh

The Lilith Scroll by B.L. Marsh


What if you discovered there was “time” before time began? What if everything you thought was true, was not? What if there was a beginning before “In the beginning”; another story unfolding within our time, steeped in loss, love, betrayal, and secrets. 
Welcome to Eden where magic was born, trees are gateways to other realms and angels aren’t what you think they are. Meet Lilith. A young girl with an incredible story. One she isn’t supposed to know much less tell. Meet Sagan. A man without past and powers who rival Lilith’s. Will he be able to help her find out her past and discover his own in the process? 
Go back in time. Back to the garden. Experience the magic of the creation, the wonder of nature and the betrayal that destroyed it all.

My thoughts (Roxana):

You know that feeling when everything it's exactly where it's supposed to be until something happens and your whole life...your beliefs changes in an instant....
Well... that's the feeling you get while reading this story.

Lilith St.Claire is just a graduent student who tries to find answers about her past. So she goes to Rosslyn Chapel to work on her dissertation with Dr. Asher Daniel, a world-renowned expert in the field of Early World Religions.

What you don't know is the fact that she knows about Illuminati. Yes, they are real in story, because they are the keepers of the world's greatest secrets, more exactly about how our  world and humanity started to find their place on Earth. And scratch everything you know about God, Adam or Eve, because all will be tested in this story and nothing is as it seems...

Everything stated with Abbaddon (no...I'm not going to reveal his identity or this secrets), and everything we know was just a lie told by the greatest liar of all times....

Lilith has to now the secrets about herself, secrets that are haunting her in her dreams...and she knows that ro find them she has to get at the bottom of history (that's way she chose to do her dissertation in Early History).
But that's the moment when everything changes ... when she meets Samael/Sagan, another student who has powers that rivals Lilith's and may or may not hold the
key to Lilith's answers....
That's when the adventure really begins and we are told little by little every lie we were told, every secret that was kept since the begining of the world, and we are left wanting for more...
I'm not going to lie isn't an easy story to accept, but it's one of the most beautiful that I had the pleasure to find more about this exclusive and somewhat secret society called Illuminati, and I was even more enchanted to find more about the tribes and the Archangels...
And the love story between our heroine, Lilith and Samael was something out of this world...I fall in love with everything that they discovered, and even if it was somewhat confusing with the jump between the past and the present...I still wouldn't have it any other way...
The naration is more impersonal, but you'll still connect with our heroine and feel her emotions, her desire to know who she is this great, unknown battle between good and evil, where the roles teams aren't know and everything is a secret or a lie greater than you, greater than even life!

Another aspect of this story that made me fall in love with it was the fact that it explore every aspect human creation, as much as on biblical aspect, but also on the fantasy and mythological aspect. Sure, we have a love story to make the journey more sweet and emotional...but we also have a dark part to explore with secret that people have died for and it reminds in some measure about Da Vinci Code...and I loved it with all my heart....

Final Decision: There are people who would risk everything to have to keep the silence about secrets that shouldn't be know by normal mortals....but what do you do when an unknown war about said secrets is about to begin? And wich side would you chose?

Rating: 5/5

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