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22 April 2013

Butterfly Tour: Author Interview with Kyra Gregory

Thank you Ms. Gregory for the opportunity of participating on this tour!

Interview for Shattering Words

1) Please tell me three qualities and three defects.
Good Qualities: I have a good understanding of emotions so I convey them quite clearly. I'm a perfectionist so I try to keep the quality of my work high. I'm very open-minded, and a little shameless, so not much holds me back when trying to portray realities in novels.

Defects: I've got quite low self-esteem so thinking of three good qualities actually took me some time. I'm not used to getting a lot of positive attention so when I get it I almost don't know how to react. I naturally give myself a very hard time with the result of everything I do.

2) How do you find inspiration?
Many stories manage to come to me naturally but human emotions are what inspire me the most. Although I have a lot of difficulty with people I find them extremely interesting because of their unpredictability, the way they act, the way they feel and how that determines the way they deal with things.

3) Tell me something about Butterfly.
Butterfly is the first novel in the Forgotten Children series; each book follows a different child, or children, all of whom are tied together by their background. In Butterfly, an Abbey full of children has burnt down; some are hurt and linger around the site, watching as all they've ever known comes crashing down, while others run as fast as they can from a life they long to leave behind.

4) What song makes you feel better?
Yasashii Uta (Gentle Song) by MUCC, a Japanese band. If I have tears running down my face then half way through this song I'm drying them, smiling and, by the end, singing along.

5) Do you  have a special playlist when you write a book?
Not a particular playlist, no. I usually let stories flow by themselves so I don't have a predetermined playlist for a novel but tend to choose some music that suits the mood of the scene I'm writing at the time. For Butterfly I listened to a lot of Linkin Park, a few songs by Ayumi Hamasaki and the GazettE.

6)      You can say a few words about Ellis McGowan, the main character?
Ellis has been in his profession long enough to know that not every case gets the ideal, happy ending that he wants for everyone he works with. That doesn't stop him from trying his utmost to make it happen though. It can make things more disappointing for himself, and for others, when he doesn't succeed but he knows that if he doesn't give it his best he can't motivate those he's trying to help. He's certainly a very loving and caring character and that trait, however amazing, can sometimes forces him to make choices that can be questionable to some. 

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