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08 March 2013

Giveaway The Undesirable by S. Celi

Hello my dear shatterings! Ms. Celi a fost atât de drăguţă încât ne-a oferit şansa de a organiza acest giveaway pe blogul nostru. Thank you very much Ms. Celi for this opportunity!
Dacă doriţi să participaţi completaţi formularul de mai jos:

This giveaway it's INTERNATIONAL!

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Vă las mai jos câteva informaţii despre viitoarea carte a doamnei Celi:)!

This means I have a couple of projects in the works at any given time. One of these recent projects is a 20,000 word (or so) novella called THE PALMS. It’s a short, light story with a twist. This a lot different from my recently released novel, THE UNDESIRABLETHE PALMS is also very different from THE RESISTANCE, the sequel to THE UNDESIRABLE.  Don’t worry, I am still working on THE RESISTANCE!
THE PALMS will be available to the public as an e-book on June 18th, 2013.  You read it here first. Mark your calendars now! I am really excited about the future for this project!!!
So what is THE PALMS about? Here is the official blurb as posted on Goodreads:
We all have one–the one who got away. For 31-year-old Trent Matthews, that woman is Lauren Crawford. For 28-year-old  Lauren Crawford, that man is Trent Matthews.
Ten years after they last saw each other on Palm Beach,  an unexpected night at The Breakers sends Lauren and Trent roaring back into each others lives. She’s still sassy, sexy, and sophisticated. He’s still rich, handsome, and an expert with women. The years have passed and times have changed, but old feelings haven’t died.
Not even close. 
Now, these two have a second chance at love.
The problem is–Trent left Lauren without any explanation back in 2002.  She’s still mad and confused. Back then, Trent had his reasons–about a dozen–for his abrupt exit from her life. But even a decade later, he doesn’t want to admit all of them–or make them public. And that hesitation may cost him Lauren. Forever. 
Will Trent admit the mistakes of his youth? Will Lauren grant Trent her forgiveness? Or will they lose love again underneath THE PALMS?

If you’re on Goodreads, you can add the book to your list here! THE PALMS will be out just in time for summer!

You can read the interview with the author here!

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